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The review of the Crisis Management and Deposit Insurance framework: a supervisory point of view. (RI §427065)  

- Rafael Martín Lozano

The European Commission has adopted a proposal to review the Crisis Management and Deposit Insurance Framework (CMDI). While the resolution rules work well in theory, past practice has shown that they are not well suited to medium-sized and small banks whose crises have been managed outside a harmonized European framework. The CMDI proposal addresses this issue by broadening the scope of resolution. Sufficient access to funding is needed to make it effective. Deposit guarantee schemes can play a key role in facilitating access to resolution funds. In addition, the CMDI proposal also learns from past experience and addresses certain shortcomings that have an impact on the tasks assigned to supervisors. The ECB has recently published its opinion on the CMDI, which provides relevant input to the legislator from a supervisory perspective.

I. CURRENT STATUS OF THE BANKING UNION. NEXT STEPS ON THE AGENDA. II. THE CRISIS MANAGEMENT OF BANKS. THE ROLE OF SUPERVISORS. III. KEY ASPECTS OF THE CMDI REVIEW: EXPANDING THE SCOPE AND IMPROVING THE FUNDING OF RESOLUTION. 1. Broadening the scope of resolution: targeting medium and small institutions. 1.1. The Commission proposal. 1.2. The dichotomy for small and medium-sized banks. 2. Improving the funding in resolution. 2.1. Easing the funding from deposit guarantee schemes. 2.1.1. DGS preventive measures. 2.1.2. DGS use in resolution measures. 2.1.3 DGS alternative measures. 3. Partial and targeted harmonization in national insolvency regimes: hierarchy of deposits in national liquidation frameworks. 4. SRB Impact assessment of the CMDI proposal. IV. OTHER RELEVANT ELEMENTS OF THE CMDI FRAMEWORK WITH IMPACT ON SUPERVISION. 1.Interaction between resolution and liquidation. Solving “limbo” situations. 2. Early Intervention Measures. 3. “Early warning” of a FOLTF and enhancing cooperation. 4. Extraordinary Public Support. V. FINAL REMARKS. VI. BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Palabras clave: resolution; crisis management; credit institutions; deposit insurance; banks; banking supervision; liquidation.;

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